A case study on how we launched and tested Facebook ads for our marketplace startup using UGC.

Creating custom content for Facebook and Instagram ads is an activity that most advertisers despise. It’s expensive and time-consuming. If you have a large budget, it’s not the end of the world. But if you’re an early-stage startup, it’s much more difficult to test and optimize across ad variation.

I have been a Facebook ads user for quite some time now (I used to run an agency) and I’ve seen many businesses with amazing products struggle to create content for their ads.

When it comes to social media ad creative, most businesses resort to creating what’s cheap and easy instead…

Recently, YouTube released a new option called “Shorts” that allows users to create shorter videos. Videos can be up to 15 seconds in length and are similar to what you'd see in an Instagram story or TikTok. Nonetheless, creators have been raving about how shorts are getting an explosive amount of reach compared to regular video posts.

Many people, including myself, are wondering why we haven’t been able to access this new feature yet.

We recently learned that YouTube is testing the YouTube shorts button in select countries — India and U.S being the first.

Fortunately for those of us…

While growing up, I spent a large chunk of my free time playing video games. Some of these games were popular hits that are still played and others have faded into obscurity.

While many still debate whether online gaming can be classified as a legitimate pastime, playing these games taught me countless skills. Skills I’ve been able to apply to my professional life and in my own entrepreneurial career.

So how do playing video games make you better at business?

For me, gaming is an entertainment outlet, but it’s also taught me valuable communication skills and provided me with a…

At my startup, Node, I’ve had the pleasure of working with over a hundred brands this past year that are using our platform to find and collaborate with creators.

I’ve learned how brands evaluate and compensate influencer deals — from the types of questions they ask to the metrics they want to see.

In recent months, we’ve started to see an influx of creators pitching us their media kits in our inbox. I like to read through them, but I usually don’t remember any of them a week after receiving them.

We also don’t hire creators directly ourselves, since our…

I’ve had to deal with anxiety throughout my life and used various methods to cope with it. I’ve seen therapists, tried yoga, and experimented with psychedelics. I recently tried a meditation app but realized that guided-mediation isn’t for me.

Unfortunately, there aren’t universal methods for handling anxiety and becoming a happier person. If you’re bogged down, you know it requires hard work to face down your most painful thoughts and find self-compassion.

Some people worry that technology is harmful to our mental health and social media companies are regularly accused of preying on the human psyche. …

11 days ago I was placed on a mandatory 2-week quarantine, and not because I came back from a holiday trip, but because two members of my household had tested positive for COVID-19 and were showing mild to severe symptoms. As well, my mom, brother, and his pregnant wife also tested positive.

A couple of days later I got tested, and by some miracle, my results came back negative. I’ve spent much of the recent week nursing my family members and luckily everyone is starting to show signs of improvements.

It’s very well possible that I still caught the virus…

How We Got our SaaS Startup to 100K ARR Using Cold Emails
How We Got our SaaS Startup to 100K ARR Using Cold Emails

Let's face it… most cold emails suck.

Cold outreach, whether through email or the phone, is one of the most difficult methods of communication. You have no relationship with your recipient and can’t receive cues to modify your approach.

Yet, it’s one of the cheapest ways to acquire your first customers as a startup.

If you’re in sales, a good chunk of your daily communications is through email. But most of your prospects will never respond because your emails are annoying, impersonal, or simply not in sight!

I decided to dig into some of my cold emails to create a…

Micro-Influencer Marketing

There’s no shortage of businesses that have built their brands through social media and the virality of micro-influencer marketing. Micro-influencers on Instagram and TikTok have proven to be extremely effective in building trust and awareness within niche communities.

Influencer marketing campaigns have typically been built around brands paying creators to post content, appear in events and provide endorsements. However, the rapid rate of expansion in the influencer marketing industry has created new challenges for brands.

Tracking ROI from an influencer engagement rate has always been an imperfect science. …

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